Picture It

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“Picture It” is Mariah’s first national release following her successful independent release of “Beautiful Scars”. Mariah wants you to be able to “picture” in your mind what the possibilities are when you choose to follow Jesus. Everyone seems to get down on themselves from time to time but she has captured the moment with “God is Using You” to let you know that no matter how you feel about life God will use you in a positive way for others, and you may not even realize it. This album is a journey of life, “Seasons Change (Dance) and “The Winding Road” share the journey to let you know that, yes life does change but Jesus is constant and always there for you. One other song on the new release promises to be a great worship tune that many churches will pick up and run with. “Rising Up” is for all generations to come together and let others know that we are not ashamed and we are not afraid to share our faith

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