"Make It Through" is a song that I wrote for a couple of friends of mine. They were going through a really, really rough time. "I see you looking down, at your shoes..." is a very symbolic line for the song... my vision goes to a dirty old pair of beat up converse sneakers. It truely shows the walk that my friends were on. They were beat up and dirty but at the end of the day, they were still a really good pair of shoes. This song became part of my life in a BIG way. John was always "using it against me" when I had a problem =) This is another song that EVERYBODY can relate too. It's definately one of my favorites.


This world keeps spinning round
As hearts start breaking down
Words are used as knives
These promises filled with lies
Why won’t you just tell me the truth

I’m on the outside looking in at you
I see all the scars from what you’ve been through
Don’t make the same mistakes again
Run to the one who will help you
Make it through

I see you looking down
At your shoes
Your thinking that there is no hope left
No hope left for you
I know you will make it through


I thought I should tell you that God loves you
He’s the one who will help you
Make it through, make it through
So just let it go