1. Limitless


Everyone's got a story
With plenty of "I-am-sorry's"
and "I-Wish-I-Would-Have-Made-A-Difference-For-More-Than-Just-Me"

A million second chances
All feel like they're wasted
Every restart and rescue
All used on me

But you say I'm worth it
I'm worth it

Your love is limitless
Bigger than every mess I make
Deeper than oceans
and beyond the stars
Can't reach can't reach the end
Cuz your love is limitless

How do you even want me
Why are you still listening
My regrets go on forever
Like a broken record

Now I'm letting you take over
As I feel you pull me closer
closing up the distance
Between you and me

Cuz you say I'm worth it
I'm worth it

I feel it flooding over
I'll never run out
Can't hold it any longer
I've got to let it out